Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blooming Blossom

Logo daisy shirt - Colorbox shorts - Khakikakiku oxfords - Louis Quatorze (Korea) bag - Michael Kors watch - Forever21 necklaces

Hey, guys! This is my 3rd series of my 'Vacation Style' post from my Xiamen tour! This outfit is my favorite amongst all because it is really casual yet chic, and I think it really suitable for summer vacation. I personally don't like to reveal my arms with those sleveless tops for these past months because it's getting bigger by days. I'm not confident enough! I used to collect sleveless tops but now I rarely use them. So I prefer to use a very light shirt for my top, so it won't be super hot yet super revealing in summer!

 These oxfords (ugh, finally a proper nice photo) really saved my style! It was the style point in every outfit I wore, and I really really love this oxfords. Mom especially chose this pattern for me. Khakikakiku as a local shoe seller is pretty nice, their material for the shoes are good, but the only thing that dissapoints me is that the sole is pretty hard so it's not really comfortable for a walk ;( But these are my very first oxford shoes and I really like it!

For those who wonder where my mom took these photos, they were taken in a Buddhist temple located in Quan zhou. It was a really nice experience for me. You can check my instagram for some sneak peek photos! Xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Jess House's top - Colorbox shorts - Everbest gladiator sandals - Louis Quatorze (Korea) bag - Michael Kors watch - New Look necklace  - Cotton On sunnies

First thing first, pardon my hair and the same expression in every photos!! It was very very hot all days in China and I couldn't manage my hair shape. It was terrible! My best hair shape was only in my first day of my tour. And I got my expression same every photos because it was in hurry, and there were bunch of my family members there. It was awkward if I did the blogger pose, wasn't it? Anyway, here's the second entry of my China Vacation Style series. I was wearing a casual bright outfit in the second day because we visited lots of tourism sights such as Gulangyu Island and Bailuzhou park. Anyway the title is from Maroon 5's newest song called "Maps" and it's so addicting!

These photos were taken at Bailuzhou park in Xiamen, and the park is very neat and clean. It is also gives us a very nice scenery of Xiamen! Next post will be my photos in Quanzhou! Stay tune peeps Xx

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jungle Land

Stradivarius jungle top - Guess jeans - Khakikakiku floral oxfords - Louis Quatorze (Korea) bag - Michael Kors watch

Get ready for my 'Vacation Style' post! I come back with this outfit series on my blog, where I post some outfits from my holiday and not to forget I also post the beautiful scenery in that place. Last holiday I went to Xiamen in order to visit my relatives there. I first didn't want to join the trip because China was very dissapointing back then. I remember the first time I touch down  Beijing, the airport smelled extremely bad (almost like a pee (pardon me)) and when I went to the public toilets..... Shit and pads and dirt everywhere. But, Xiamen, surprisingly is good! And I finally knew that Xiamen is the cleanest city over China. The reason is because Xiamen regulation and building and stuffs was made by Singapore people which is known as one of the cleanest country. I really enjoy my trip in Xiamen. The only thing I hate was only the food. The food is nice, but pork is everywhere while chicken is almost nowhere. Ugh, I hate pork, tho.

I also went to Quanzhou and Fuzhou, and those cities are also very nice! Summer fashion is really adopted there, there were lots of girls who wear pastel outfits, kawaii bags, pretty heels, and I major like it! The clothes themselves are pretty high fashion!

Anyway these photos were taken in Jimei Village and it was a little bit raining though! Fortunately the rain stopped as soon as we were ready to take some pictures. Til the other tour post! Xx