Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Getaway

On December 25th, my family and I decided to go for a vacation to the land of smile, Thailand. We went to two cities which are Pattaya and Bangkok for 5 days. Some people may say that Thailand is just pretty similar with Indonesia, but in my own opinion, Thailand is much more developed than Indonesia. For example, they can show their culture by showing some great shows for tourists, such as Siam Niramit and Alcazar Show. Moreover, they have provided tap water for people while Indonesia hasn't. There are lots of stuffs which made me change my first expectation to Thailand. 
In this post, I wanna show you some outfits I wore when I visited Thailand. More stories in the next post!

White Bee Nen top - Boyfriend jeans - Dheyshu shoes - Paris Hilton bag  - Michael Kors watch
First photo was taken in front of Holy Mary statue at a random hotel where we took lunch. Second photo was taken at Pattaya Floating Market. White Christmas; because it was Christmas day, but instead of wearing those christmas tree color, I chose white and pale blue as my Christmas outfit. Frozen inspired?

Moscato Top - Jocel skorts -Fitflop slippers - Paris Hilton bag - MK watch - Oasap fedora
Photos were taken in Nong Nooch Village, which in my opinion is the best garden I've ever visited. It is winter in four-weather countries, but in Thai it is always summer. I really love black and white outfit, so I wore those color although it's summer. (Always summer, actually.)


Bee Nen top - Heart print pants - Dheyshu shoes - Paris Hilton bag - MK watch
Sailoring sailor; I managed to wear sailor-inspired outfit in order to match the hotel's theme. A-One Pattaya is a hotel whose buildings are in boat-shape. The hotel's employees are also dressed in sailor outfit. I am always excited for everything related to sailor!

Nyla top  - Boyfriend jeans - Dheyshu shoes - Paris Hilton bag - MK watch - Oasap fedora
Have no idea why I took 'Pink Floyd' as a nickname for this outfit, but as far as I know, Pink Floyd is a rock band from UK. The name is pretty dope so, yeah.

Notice if I use quirky nickname for every outfits I've posted? Yes, it is inspired from Jenn Im from Clothesencounters! She's one of my biggest fashion inspiration and I am always happy when I see every names she made for her outfits. Which outfit is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Clean Edge

Joel top - No brand jegging - Nine West heels - Guess bag

Well, hello guys! How is it going? Firstly I want to thank you all because I finally achieved 100.000+ pageviews. I actually have neglected my blog since I become a college student. I only posted some drafts I've made before and I felt really really lazy to reply your comments. I apologize for my laziness, it's my guilty, I know. To be honest, I once thought that I'm going to stop blogging for a while, because I enjoy taking photos by myself via iphone (and self timer, of course) and post them to my instagram. It is more comfortable for me as I don't have to ask anyone to take photos of me. Fyi, I didn't go out with those high heels. I only use them for special occasion, for example weddings and parties. They were worn only to match my bag! Peace lol Xx

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mad For Plaid

Bee Nen plaid top - No brand shorts - Andrew sandals - Kipling x Style Scrapbook bag - MK watch 

Well hello guys! Firstly I wanna thank my mom for taking me these pictures I show you here.... A few days ago we decided to go to one of the nearest mall near my house and I managed to dress up pretty neat so I could ask my mom if she was willing to snap some photos for me. (yes, I usually dress up as chill as I could when I go to that mall) So here it is!

Although I don't live in four weather country, I am pretty excited with the fall-winter theme, which one of them is plaid shirt. Plaid shirt has always been my obsession but plaid shirts in Indonesia aren't very good and their pattern are pretty similar. Fortunately, I found this plaid shirt which has (for me) a unique pattern and I haven't found any pattern like this.

Anyway since it's Christmas Eve, I wanna say Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015! Wish you guys have a nice Christmas holiday and get a new resolution for 2015! My outfit here is kinda related to Christmas, though. Red and plaid, but it wasn't on purpose! Hahahahaha baaaaay guys!