Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flower Power

Cotton On top - Tailor made floral pants - Kate Spade bag -  Vizzano shoes

Yes, guys, I am back in my original place to take outfit photos, which is (obviously) my balcony! I have planned this outfit for a long long time but I haven't had time to take any photos with this outfit. I love to use my tailor made floral pants with this salmon coloured blouse and I think they look perfectly match! I also love to match this pants with my lime green top but I didn't take photos when I wore it. Anyway a special gratitude for my mom who is always willing to take pictures of me!

Notice my super cute bagcharm? I bought three bagcharms to prettify my plain black bag and I got them all from Shelly_cherie and I bought all of them in pink / red pink color (yes I am a pink addict ckck please forgive my guys)

I will have a short trip to Xiamen with my big family, hope I can take good pictures and post them here like usual! I also plan to take some outfit shoots there! See you in another post :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blue Sapphire

Mineola white top - Adored blue skorts - Coach bag - Everbest shoes - Wempe watch - Cotton On bracelet

Went to Central Park Mall with my good friends a few weeks ago and we managed to take some photos in the infamous balcony of Central Park! I am such a balcony girl because most of my photos taken in a balcony hahahaha. Anyway, talking about my title, I picked blue sapphire as my title because my skorts really reminds me of blue sapphire. The cobalt blue color is very gorgeous, yet it is a skort so I have no worries if the wind blew my skort. (for you who haven't know, skort is shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front - thanks wikipedia)

The details.

I am currently in love with clean colors, especially white. I went to topshop and I saw a rack which all the apparels are white and I really really wanted to have them all! But sadly, the prices are too expensive for me, a shorts costs about $70. Luckily, I found some shops which also sell white apparels with much more affordable prices! Take a look at my white top, I bought it in Mineola (a local boutique here) and it only costed around $15. I really want to make a white on white outfit next time! 

Notice something new about my blog appearance? Yes, I (again) changed my blog template to be cleaner and simpler. Why? Because I think pastel color doesn't suit my personality (I used to love pastel blog designs) and I feel pastel doesn't suit me as 19 years old girl. I made my blog in black, white, grey, and a little touch of pink because I can't leave pink (lol). Tell me your opinion about my new blog appearance! :)

I apologize for bunch of photos // photos by Helena and Michelle 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Universal Studio (Singapore Travel Journal)

So, here's a recap of my Universal Studio Singapore (USS) photos collection! I bet lots of you have come to this place, but if you haven't, enjoy the photos!!

Outfit: H&M winter top // Uniqlo white pants // Kate Spade bag // Charles & Keith gladiator // Wempe watch

I went there for new year's holiday so there was the Christmas tree which was stand still. At first I thought it wasn't that crowd because when I wanted to enter the Transformer's attraction, it seemed empty and I thought it was closed. But as soon as I came in, oh my God. The line was soooooooo long I can't even imagine how long I stood there with my father and brother. Where's mom? Hahaha, she has no interest in amusement park. She chose shopping, either. The last photo was when we all were waiting for the parade. My cousin had told me that it was really good before I went here, so I waited for them to come. 

Parade photos!! All people waited for them to come! I put the photos' order based on their order arrival.
p.s : There will be tons of pictures below, if you feel you don't want to see it, just scroll as fast as you can, or you can close this page hahaha
photo and editing by yours truly xx