Thursday, December 11, 2014

Color Ring

For you who haven't know yet, the title 'Color Ring' is based on a song that I really love these days. It is sung by a boyband called "Winner". Their another songs like Empty, Don't Flirt, etc are very very catchy! I really like them. Despite the fact that their faces aren't as handsome as another bands, but I really love their unique vocals, some are very soothing (taehyun, seungyoon, jinwoo) and some are really swag (the rapper, mino & seunghoon, of course). Ah, too much love for this rookie boy band!

Tres Bien top - Chlorine skirt - Vizzano shoes - Steve Madden bag

I really like the combination between pink and black. Those colors are my favorite ones, so I managed to wear an outfit with those colors. I've worn this skirt made by Chlorine back then. I paired my skirt with my white top, but I feel like black and pink are better, aren't they? The skirt's color is popped out in the picture. These photos were taken without preparation haha I was just in the mood to be captured. I asked my brother and mom to help me.

I am now currently studying in law university. Being in university is shockingly more busy than school days (maybe it's just for me tho), I even have no time to touch my laptop. Those posts I made are a draft post, I made them in holiday. So, I think I can't handle my blog as active as I used to be, I just post if I have time. Soooo for my readers, I apologize for everything! University life is more important for me. My goal is to get a job related to law, not fashion. Soooooooooooo, ciao!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm not the Only One

Avenue top - Chlorineclothe skirt - Clark sandals - Fuli Crown bag - Romwe detachable collar - Miss Sixty acccessories

I'm back at the legendary balcony background! Hehe, these were just a quick outfit shoots my mom and my brother took for me because I feel that I dressed different from my usual outfit. I barely wear pastel outfit because I think it doesn't suit my personality. I'm neither sweet nor classy type of girl, so pastel doesn't suit me at all. But, that day I really wanted to wear my mint top, so here I am, became a fancy, classy, sweet girl :p

There was a funny story behind my mint top. A few times ago, I went to Citraland Mall with my friend after college, because it was the nearest mall from my university. I went to Avenue store and chose this mint top, because I have no pastel clothes in my wardrobe. My friend said it was fit on me, and finally I bought it.
I went home and told my mom abut my mint top. I was very excited, until my mom found out that the magnet attached in the blouse hadn't been removed. I was shocked and my mom laughed at me! Finally I came back to that store and asked the girl there to remove the magnet. What a "funny" experience.....

The details... I really love the combination between baby pink and mint, it's soooo cute! I know it's going to be fall season, but in my country there's no rule about fall, winter, summer, spring.. There are only two seasons, hot and rainy. So it doesn't matter to wear pastel during fall, does it? :)

p.s; I'm not the Only One is a song by Sam Smith. The lyric itself is really resembling my feeling. Now.
Ciao Xx

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Xiamen Photo Diary

Finally I got my time to post my Xiamen photo diary! At first, I felt so lazy to post this but I am currently in holiday so I have nothing to do and finally I made this. Please enjoy these photos! (Warning, there will be bunch of photos down here!)

I went to Xiamen because some of my relatives live there. Xiamen is a really nice city. It's soooo so clean, even as clean as Singapore. I really love the beautiful scenery there.

DAY ONE, Xiamen
Jimei Village

Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park

DAY TWO, Xiamen
Gulangyu Island

Suzhuang Garden, Gulangyu

Huihe Stone Carving Village

Bailuzhou Park

DAY THREE, Quanzhou
Memorial Park (My ancestor's funeral)

My relatives' temple

DAY FOUR, Fuzhou
Shopping Street

It was actually not only Xiamen  tour, but we also visited another city such as Quanzhou and Fuzhou, which took about 3-4 hours in bus. I am pretty happy that I could visit my hometown and other cities and China has grown up sooo sooo damn fast. I remembered a few years ago when I went to Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, it was dirty and lots of people and lots of burglar, and stuffs. The houses weren't good enough for people. But this year I visited the other half of China and it was soooo clean, the houses are pretty good, and it becomes very modern right now. And not to forget the shopping places, Xiamen has lots of good stuffs. Don't ever underestimate something with 'Made In China' tag, because I saw lots of nice quality clothing and bags in Zhongsan road. Like a blouse for 300 yuan ($60)?? And there were looooots of cute pastel bags I couldn't even choose one. Shopping places in Quanzhou and Fuzhou were sooo nice and it was like you visited boutiques, not a cheap-quality store. The only thing that made me sad was the currency between IDR and CNY, it was only 1 yuan = Rp 1000,00 back then but now? It is 2x more.

See ya in another post!! Xx