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bongiarno, readers! How are you? I'm fine. Yesterday was my school's opening cup, titled as PASS4 SPOTLIGHT, it was just really amazing especially the dance. Today I wanna post my old photos. I really hate the background, because there was nobody wanted to take my photos, so I used self-timer photos + without tripod. But a few days ago, my fellow blogger tiffany told me about picnik.com for editing photos. Oh my God, I just realized that many bloggers use this application for their blog. Am I late? hahahahaha.

So I titled this post as 'Full of editing' because I edited all of the photos! HAHA. This is a quick photos, just enjoy it (:

I hate my smile here. ):

Day By Day ruffled shirt - T+BC acid washed jeans - Minu Bag - Tiffany's Room bow clip

p.s : I changed my blog header, it is great? (:

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  1. gorgeous blouse! love the ruffles!!!

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    xoxo jenna

  2. wow i love your blouse. the color and the ruffles. so pretty. following you now. nice blog.


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