Make Over Time!

 Good night, peeps! Sorry for not so long hiatus, I've had my nice holiday in Bandung, and I think a week was not enough to satisfy me. Yes, the food, the place, the weather, the factory outlet. Soo nice!

Yes! It's holiday, It's make up time! Today is not an outfit post, but maybe kind of beauty post. A few weeks  ago, I went to Taman Anggrek Mall, and suddenly I met a very cute event made by Etude House. Yes, all pink! They sold many cute beauty stuffs and at that day, they gave discounts, freebies and competitions. And it was so crowded there. Yaa I'm not a beauty blogger so sadly I didn't get freebies or anything, and I didn't capture pics at that event. The theme is about "Pink Burlesque". They sell soft colors for students make up, daily make up, and work make up. And at that day, they launched "Dear My Talk" series.

Photo source : Cominica Blog

And, what I've got? These!
1.  Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails Collection ( I bought the salmon / peach color, yes in love with peach color! Look at my new blog layout. ) Rp 148k ($14)
2. Shocking Pink Nail Polish. Ah, can't choose which color I wanted to buy. so I decided to buy this one. Rp 78k ($7)
3. Precious BB Compact Mineral. Freebies! lol

At that day, all items got 20% off, so I got cheaper price. But what I feel sad about Indonesian's Etude is their expensive price. Yes you may say that they are cheap. But when I browse about Etude House korea's price, the nail polishes are just about 1000-2000 won ( $1 - $2) and their 3nail polishes package are just 5000 - 6000 won. ($5 - $6) T-T

The result. So shocking right? lol

sorry for too much pics.. I love taking pics!

match color with my iphone cover, haha

How to use this :
1. Use number one as the base color.
2. Use the glitter ( the soft one). Paint it at half of your finger.
3. Use the glitter ( the dark one). Paint it just at your tip of finger.

VOILA! You made it :)

And now time for random post..
Miss my not-so-long hair..

Flower in my house..

Another instagram feed!
1.  New accesories from Beau-Shop! Catch them at twitter or facebook :)
2. Nail polish result from Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail.
3. New zipper bangle from romwe.
And I wanna say thank you to Jimmy Choo website, for accepting me in their web! :) Maybe you guys think that these are not features, but for me, being accepted in very famous web is an honoring for me.

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  1. wow, I love the juicy cocktail gradation nails collection, the color just soo pretty and soft <3


  2. i can't decide which color i love better on your nails, all of them are so lovely! and the navy themed jewelries are just cute. hey congrats on the jimmy Choo website!


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  3. all of them looks so lovely !! i love the colors anyway :D

  4. love ur nail polish!

  5. I envy you, since I can't wear any nail polish because of work. All the colours look really great though!

  6. wow that event mus be so fun! I adore your nail colour, dear! that pink colour is cute and the glittery orange colour is pretty too! :)

  7. Love the nail polishes! The shade that you are wearing is really pretty.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Nice things :) Necklece is amazing *.*

  9. Hi! i LOVE your blog :) Just found it today and i´m a new follower!Hope you can follow my baby blog back :) Kisses

  10. I am loving all of your nail polish colors!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. uwaaa, love the juicy cocktail gradation nails! really good on your nails lis.. <3

  12. i lovee your blog, you mention many things in one post, and i enjoyed reading all of it. also you are adorable! congrats on the jimmy choo feature!

  13. All of these pictures are great :)

  14. ahh congrats with your achievement, being featured! :D

    I prefer the shocking pink one, so cute!

    My Random Thoughts

  15. You are lucky indeed Jimmy choo is a very famous website =)

  16. Mihihi, yes and goodluck for the giveaway nya too ya dear :D
    Followed you now ^^

  17. that nail polish looks so great! and especially that 3 step one is the best!


  18. Great nail polish colors for summer:)


  19. I totally love the juicy colours, they're lovely!

    Xo, Imke

  20. ah iyaaaa! kesel bgt knp etude disini mahaaal bgt gk mikir :s tp gw sk bgtt, apalagi lipstick nyaa hihi. i've never thought that its nail polish is pretty as well ;)


  21. cute nail polish lisa ;)

  22. love all the nail polishes<3 yes I definitely agree that their price is too expensive..especially for student :''D

  23. sweet! Is that nail polish dry in the bottle pretty fast?

  24. So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Skinny Bitch Apparel on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!

  25. LOVE LOVE all your new stuffs! ;)


  26. Wow! great post :) I love the pastel colors in the first two pictures!

  27. Thank you for your sweet comment!

    XO, Imke

  28. oh wow that nail polish set is so cool! ombre in a bottle :D


  29. lovely nails :33 anw love all of your accesories <33

  30. Love the pink nail polish!!! Extremelly cute <3

  31. love ur blog.
    I'm now following on blogger and blogloving, I hope you will follow me back =)

  32. Love both nail polish and bb cream :)

    The Passion of Fashionista


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